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There are two days left until the Braddon by-election and Labor is continuing the fight for better health care instead of a $17 billion handout to the banks.

There’s nothing more important than your health – and that’s why Labor is investing more in Medicare support, more in local hospitals, and more in specialists for Braddon.
Only Justine Keay and Labor have a plan to get people in Braddon the care they need:

  • $30 million to address Tasmania’s elective surgery crisis – with almost 600 extra elective surgeries in the North-West and West Coasts.
  • $4.5m for TazReach health services, to bring more specialists to Tasmania and reduce travel times for specialist care.
  • $800,000 for aged care training mini hospital ward, to support training and education of our vital aged care workforce.
  • $2.4 m for a headspace centre in Burnie to give young people dedicated mental support.
  • 50 Centrelink jobs, including 20 Medicare jobs and five positions to travel to communities.

Labor has been listening. We’ve been listening to the pensioners who can’t travel to the bigger towns to see a specialist. We’ve been listening to the parents who have to travel out of the state to get their kids the care they need. We’ve been listening to the doctors, nurse and health professionals who are doing more and more with less and less under the Turnbull Government.
We’ve seen Brett Whiteley’s record – this community won’t forget that he voted for Tony Abbott’s $20 GP co-payment and wanted to hit every single person on the North-West and West Coasts with a hike to Medicare.

He’s a former banker who has done nothing to stand up for up for health in our region and signed off on every dollar of Turnbull’s cuts to health and hospitals. He’s as out-of-touch as ever, and will protect the top end of town over giving the North-West and West Coasts the health care the region deserves.
Only Bill Shorten and Justine Keay are fighting for a fair go for the North-West and West Coasts. Labor will invest more in health and essential services for Braddon, we will reverse Turnbull’s cut to the pension, and we can pay for it because we aren’t giving a $17 billion handout to the big banks.
This Saturday there is a clear choice between voting for Brett Whiteley and giving $17 billion to the big banks or voting for Justine Keay to properly fund our hospitals. 

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