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Labor reiterates our call on Thailand to release Hakeem Alaraibi and return him to his family in Australia.

We remain deeply concerned by Mr Alaraibi’s ongoing detention in Thailand and the continuing threat of his extradition to Bahrain.
Senator Wong has raised Hakeem’s case directly with the Ambassador of Thailand and called for his release and return to Australia.
Labor also urges the Prime Minister of Thailand to exercise executive discretion in this case – a discretion that both Thailand’s office of the Attorney-General and the prosecutor have confirmed is allowed under Thailand’s Extradition Act.
Thailand is a good friend of Australia’s. We are confident the Thai people and Government understand the concern so many Australians have for the welfare of a person to whom we have offered sanctuary, and permanent residency.
We wish to thank all those showing their support for Hakeem, including the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, other governments, Mr Alaraibi’s local community in Melbourne and in particular Mr Craig Foster, the Football Federation of Australia, and the broader football community.

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