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On behalf of the Labor Party and the labour movement, I want to congratulate Claire Moore on 16 years of remarkable service and to thank her for everything she has done for the people she serves.

Claire will leave the Senate with the warm wishes of her colleagues and with a proud record of bringing attention to causes and communities that can sometimes be overlooked, or forgotten in daily political combat.
Claire has been a champion for regional Queensland, for the rights of women, for the status and pay of carers and a tireless warrior against poverty and disadvantage, here in Australia and around the world.
A true internationalist, Claire has always believed in Australia’s duty to be a good global citizen. In the Shadow Ministry, in the Senate and throughout her time in public life, she has always spoken of how, as a wealthy and peaceful nation, Australia has a moral responsibility to offer international assistance to the nations and peoples who need it most.
I know Claire will continue to serve the cause of progress in the years ahead and I wish her every happiness and success in the future.

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