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A Shorten Labor Government will invest $4.45 million to support the construction of the first Vietnamese Cultural Centre and Museum in Australia.

Australia is home to nearly 300,000 Vietnamese who all have a unique story and the Museum will become home for the Vietnamese community to collect, preserve and exhibit their culture, history and identity as a reminder and example of Australia’s successful multicultural society.
The Museum been a long term goal for the Victorian chapter of the Vietnamese Community in Australia and will contain interactive exhibits to share stories that will provide a unique insight into the ongoing journey of the Vietnamese community in Australia. 
These are stories of sacrifice to give their children a better shot at life, long hours and hard work to grow small businesses and educate the next generation of doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders.
In 2025 Australia will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the settlement of Vietnamese refugees in Australia and we are fortunate so many chose our nation to make a new home and life and it’s impossible to imagine Australia today without the contribution of the Vietnamese community. 
The Centre will be located in Footscray and will serve to represent a city that has been the bedrock of the Australians of Vietnamese background since settlement.  
This announcement matches the contribution of the Dan Andrews Labor Government and builds on contributions and support from local community members, the City of Maribyrnong to help make the Museum a reality by the 50th anniversary.

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