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Labor is today releasing its positive plan for South Australia.

As a result of the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s attacks on manufacturing and other industries, many South Australian families are facing uncertainty as jobs are disappearing.

Almost three years after the Liberals goaded Holden into leaving the country, they still don’t have a plan for creating and protecting jobs in South Australia.

South Australians deserve a Federal Government that invests in local jobs and improves living standards.

Labor has a plan to build the job-creating infrastructure that will create jobs and drive the South Australian economy for the next generation.

The projects we’re backing will create local jobs for local people – and guarantee a start for more apprentices.

We will help small businesses grow with our New Jobs Tax Cut, so more South Australians can fulfil their potential in the workforce.

Labor will stand up for South Australian families, protecting Medicare from the Turnbull Government’s plans to cut it, undermine it and privatise it.

We have developed more than 100 positive policies for South Australian families and our initiatives will create real and local jobs for South Australians.

A Shorten Labor Government will:

  • Invest in infrastructure projects including $500 million towards the AdeLINK tram project. AdeLINK will create 2,000 local jobs over four years.
  • Invest in the shipbuilding industry through the construction of nine Future Frigates centred in Adelaide, supporting 2,000 shipbuilding jobs, the construction of 12 offshore patrol vessels to begin in Adelaide in 2018, the construction of 12 Future Submarines creating 2,800 jobs and supporting a supply chain of at least 1,000 businesses, with a minimum of 70 per cent of the work done in Australia.
  • Deliver a New Jobs Tax Cut for South Australian small businesses, encouraging employers to offer people aged under 25 a first opportunity and workers over 55 a second chance.
  • Commit $59 million to the Manufacturing Transition Boost package which will provide support for automotive suppliers and other firms to diversify and improve competitiveness.
  • Provide $100 million for targeted investment in steel making at Arrium, which will secure more than 3,500 South Australian jobs.
  • Create more than 200 new apprenticeships in the state so that young South Australians can learn the skills they need for the jobs of the future.
  • Fight to protect penalty rates for some of South Australia’s lowest paid workers.
  • Protect Medicare – Labor will reverse the Liberals’ freeze on the Medicare Benefits Schedule, meaning an average family with two children in South Australia will be $400 a year better off.
  • Invest in hospitals – Labor will increase funding for South Australian hospitals over the next four years. Hospitals in South Australia can expect to receive about $140 million more than they would under the Liberals.
  • Deliver child care support that is faster, fairer and more affordable – many of the 41,220 families in South Australia who rely on the Child Care Rebate will be up to $2,500 a year better off.
  • Invest in our nation’s schools including $355 million more in targeted, needs based funding for South Australian schools in 2018 and 2019.

These are just some of our positive policies for South Australia. 

This election, there is a clear choice for South Australians. 

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals will cut local schools and destroy Medicare, while recklessly spending $50 billion on a tax break for banks and big business.

A Shorten Labor Government will save Medicare, improve schools, invest in job-creating infrastructure and protect middle and working class families.

For more information on Labor’s plan for South Australia, visit [].


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