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A Shorten Labor Government will develop a Family Engagement and Support Strategy for Defence Personnel and Veterans to provide greater support to our military families.

ADF families play a pivotal role in supporting our current serving ADF men, women and veterans, which is why it is important we ensure they have the support they need to address the unique challenges of military family life.

These men, women and children are the unsung heroes of our defence forces.  Greater support for our military families is greater support for our serving and ex-service personnel.

Developing a family engagement and support strategy will enable us to identify where we can provide greater support to military families - those who matter most to our ADF personnel and veterans; their wives, husbands, sons and daughters.

Today’s announcement would implement a key recommendation on the National Mental Health Commissions’ review  into Services Available to Veterans and Current Serving Members of the Australian Defence Force in Relation to the Prevention of Self-harm and Suicide to develop a strategy and provide greater support and resources to military families.

Labor’s commitment to develop a Family Engagement and Support Strategy in Government would be co-designed with defence and veteran families and communities, to focus on known stress points for families, including transition for Defence members into civilian life.

The NMHC’s review highlighted there is currently a ‘lack of emphasis on the critical role that families play in the lives of current and former serving members.’

Families play an especially unique role within military life and service, themselves making many sacrifices. Our ADF personnel and veterans look to their families for support while in service, in transition and in civilian life.

There is no doubt that families also play a critical role in providing support to our serving and ex-service personnel suffering from mental health issues.

Developing a family strategy also acknowledges the important role of families in the rehabilitation of ADF members and veterans from both physical and mental injury and illness.

Families can be the greatest support when dealing with life changing events that can occur throughout and after military service.

When it comes to our current and ex-service defence personnel, Labor will always prioritise the critical role military families play and our commitment to developing a family strategy to ensure that they are not forgotten. 

FRIDAY, 30 JUNE 2017

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