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Labor’s Your Child. Our Future plan will benefit every student in every school community in Australia.

New data released today shows that no matter where a student lives or what school they attend, they will benefit from additional needs-based funding.

For the first time, every community in Australia can now see how much additional funding will flow to local schools under a Shorten Labor Government.

Every student has different learning needs and every school has different requirements to support them. Gonski will give every school exactly what they need.

Labor’s plan will give principals and educators the support and resources to deliver programs which make a real difference to the learning outcomes of students.

By committing to the Gonski reforms on-time and in-full, every school and every student will be better off under Labor.

Your Child. Our Future will mean more individualised support and attention for students, better early literacy and numeracy intervention programs, and better professional development for our teachers.

In contrast to Labor’s positive plan to fund our schools, Malcolm Turnbull is promising cuts of $29 billion to Australia’s classrooms over the next decade – cuts which will negatively impact on the future of our students and the future of our nation.

Mr Turnbull is making the wrong choices for Australia’s future. He is giving big business a big tax cut at the same time as he cuts funding from every school in the country.

Australians know that you don’t get a stronger education system through cuts.

And Australians also know that you can’t have a plan for jobs and growth if you don’t have a plan for education.

Properly funding our schools is critical to making sure every young person has the skills they need to get a good job and contribute to society. Labor is making the right choice.

Mr Turnbull talks big on the economy and innovation – but this means nothing without investment in a strong education system.

Only Labor will put people first by investing in Australia’s schools.

Only Labor has a plan for a strong education system for the next generation of young Australians.

For more information on Labor’s plan to support every student in every school, visit

TUESDAY, 10 MAY 2016

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