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Labor utterly condemns the barbarous and deadly attack on the heart of Britain’s democracy.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the British people and the families of all those killed and wounded. 

This shocking crime, designed to generate fear in the United Kingdom, will only make Britain more determined to confront and defeat terrorists who seek to exploit Britain’s inclusive and democratic society.

The British people are heirs to a proud tradition of courage and fortitude, of keeping calm and carrying on. This act of evil will not shake their resolve, it will strengthen it – along with that of her allies.

An attack on the people and parliament of any nation is an attack on the people and parliament of all nations.

It has been reported that no Australians have been killed or wounded, and Labor thanks our High Commission in London, and officials at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for their assistance to people concerned about friends and relatives in London.

Australians should be reassured all their representatives are united in our determination to defeat and eliminate terrorism.

All Australians condemn, unequivocally, this hateful act of murder.


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