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A Shorten Labor Government will invest $15 million to build new car parks at Gosford Station, Woy Woy Station and Tuggerah Station.

These local infrastructure projects are part of Labor’s $300 million National Park and Ride Fund for new or expanded car parks at public transport hubs, such as train stations.
“Labor backs public transport – it’s good for commuters and it eases congestion on our roads. But too many residents on the Central Coast are frustrated at the lack of available parking at train stations as they travel into the city for work,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said.
“More than 30,000 people commute from the Central Coast to the city for work.  Anne and Emma have both told me that locals are fed up with the lack available car spaces at local train stations.
“Trying to find a park and missing out, or leaving home earlier than you should have to just find a car space, is a terrible way to start your working day. And then it happens all over again when you come from home work, and you’ve got to walk long distances to get in your car.
“Labor has listened to locals, and that’s why we will build car parks at Gosford, Woy Woy and Tuggerah – to help locals start their working day right.”
“Every morning, Central Coast commuters compete for the limited supply of car parks. Often, Coasties are forced to park kilometres away just to get a use Woy Woy or Gosford train station,” Candidate for Robertson, Anne Charlton said.
“I’ve been talking to Bill about this issue for a long time. We’ve been working on these solutions together, and I’m so pleased that a Shorten Labor Government will deliver this for our region.
“This commitment means every commuting Coastie will spend less traveling to-and-from work and enjoy more time at home with their family”.
“Tuggerah station is getting busier, but the infrastructure isn’t keeping up with the growth in commuters,” Member for Dobell Emma McBride said.
“Tuggerah station needs an upgrade. It needs a multi-storey car park. That’s what a Federal Labor Government will deliver.
“Anne and I will also make sure local businesses have the chance to contribute to the projects, and that local apprentices can learn a trade on the job.”

Labor’s Park and Ride Fund delivers grant funding to local communities – via state and local governments – to construct new car parks and expanded existing ones in high-growth areas with demonstrated commuter need. A Federal Labor government will partner with local communities to fund the projects on a co-investment basis.

Labor can afford to deliver important infrastructure projects that local communities are asking for because unlike Turnbull, we are not blowing $17 billion on a tax giveaway to Australia’s biggest banks.

While Turnbull’s out-of-touch Liberals are only for the top end of town, a Shorten Labor Government will deliver a fair go the Central Coast. 
MONDAY, 2 JULY 2018 

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