Bill's Media Releases


Despite the Abbott Government’s Work for the Dole program beginning on July 1, the local area coordinator has yet to be announced, Leader of the Opposition and Member for Maribyrnong, Bill Shorten and Shadow Minister for Employment and Member for Gorton, Brendan O’Connor said today.


“The Abbott Government promised to deliver a Work for the Dole coordinator in the Westgate region, which includes Brimbank and Melton,” Mr Shorten said.


“Almost a month on and there is no one to coordinate it.”


“How does the Abbott Government expect young jobseekers in Melbourne’s west will meet their obligations if the necessary support services don’t even exist?”


“Tony Abbott just wants to punish young jobseekers without offering any real plans to help them find a job.”


Mr O’Connor said the Abbott Government was failing to provide young jobseekers in Melbourne’s west with the support they need.


“The Local Employment Coordinator position for North Western Melbourne was scrapped in the Budget,” Mr O’Connor said.


“This was on top of cuts to other local employment services including the Youth Connection and Partnership Brokers programs.”


“The Abbott Government is also cutting support for jobseekers under 30, leaving them with no income whatsoever for six months – even if they are looking for work each and every day.”


“Job seekers in Melbourne’s west have been abandoned by the Abbott Government.”


Mr Shorten and Mr O’Connor said advertising for the Work for the Dole coordinators had only been available since 29 May 2014.


“This is just another example of an Abbott Government thought bubble that has failed to deliver,” Mr Shorten said.


“By contrast, Labor is committed to ensuring young people get a real job through the right training, work experience and incentives, and the appropriate level of support.”


Labor’s Local Employment Coordinators worked with local employers, community groups and all levels of government to coordinate actions to protect and increase local jobs.


They also assist retrenched workers and other job seekers to connect with employment and training opportunities.


“Without a Local Employment Coordinator, job seekers in Melbourne’s west will find it harder to gain employment,” Mr O’Connor said.