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The Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs will travel to the Republic of Korea and Japan later this month to discuss our bilateral relations with both nations, the North Asian regional order, economic issues, and the security situation on the Korean peninsula.

The visit will include bilateral programs of meetings with political leaders, government officials and civil society representatives, and will demonstrate Labor’s support for our friends and allies in the face of unprecedented threats from North Korea.

Our visit will demonstrate our bipartisan support for the Republic of Korea and Japan, and demonstrate that a change of government will not affect Australia’s strong support for both nations at this dangerous and challenging time.

North Korea’s repeated defiance of international law and UN Security Council resolutions is unacceptable.

North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear tests are not only a direct threat to its immediate neighbours, they undermine global peace and security.

It is vital that now, more than ever, the international community is united in doing all it can to pressure North Korea to halt its reckless and extremely dangerous behaviour.

These unacceptable actions can only further isolate North Korea and Labor unequivocally condemns these reckless threats to global security.

Our visit will show Labor’s support for working cooperatively with our partners and allies to address the security challenges in the region, and support for efforts to pursue practical measures that deescalate tensions and force North Korea to comply with international demands.

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