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Tony Abbott has today confirmed that unfair individual contracts will be back under a Liberal government.

Mr Abbott has removed any doubt that the Liberal Party want to reintroduce individual agreements and allow the return of unfair contracts which undermine the wages and conditions of working people.

They demonstrated this today by announcing a policy that would expand the reach of individual agreements.

Today’s release by the Opposition of their workplace relations policy confirms that Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party cannot be trusted on workplace relations.

The policy released today by the Liberal Party will send a shiver up the spine of working Australians because it puts individual contracts back at the centre of workplace relations.

The Productivity Commission review announced today is nothing but a smokescreen to make wholesale changes down the track.

The Liberal Party have been critical of the Fair Work Act. If the Liberals genuinely believe the Fair Work Act needs to change then they should have announced their detailed changes today.

Today Tony Abbott tried to re-write history by suggesting he was always against Work Choices and yet:

In 2009 Tony Abbott said “workplace reform was one of the greatest achievements of the Howard Government.”

In 2008 Tony Abbott said Work Choices was “good for wages, it was good for jobs, and it was good for workers. And let’s never forget that.”

The words of Tony Abbott are empty promises and his policy paper provides no comfort to working Australians.

In 2004, the Liberal Party said nothing about Work Choices, nothing about scrapping unfair dismissal laws or protections for penalty rates, overtime and working hours.

In 2005, the Liberal Party told Australians their rights at work were ‘protected by law’, when they weren’t.

Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party cannot be trusted on workplace relations. Not then, not now, not ever.

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