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Victorian Liberal Treasurer Michael O’Brien has confirmed that unfair individual contracts would be back with a bullet under a federal Liberal government.

Mr O’Brien clearly didn’t get the Tony Abbott small target memo on workplace relations for this election.

According to the Australian Financial Review today, he nominated the re-introduction of individual contracts as an immediate step that should be taken by whichever side wins the Federal Election.

Mr O’Brien said “…it was a retrograde step to see them abolished” and “[t]here are some other issues that from a Victorian point of view we do need to see coming out of this election campaign. One of them is industrial relations reform… We do want to make sure we can get real industrial relations reform.”

-       Liberal Treasurer Michael O’Brien Melbourne 6 August 2013

The Victorian Treasurer has confirmed what Australians already know: Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party cannot be trusted on workplace relations.

At their core, Liberals believe in unfair individual contracts that rip away wages and conditions from employees.

Irrespective of what they say before election day, an Abbott government would change workplace relations laws and bring back unfair individual contracts.

The Liberals didn’t tell the Australian people about WorkChoices before the 2004 election.

And they don’t want to tell people about their plan to bring back unfair individual contracts before September 7.

In 2008 Tony Abbott said WorkChoices was “good for wages, it was good for jobs, and it was good for workers. And let’s never forget that.”

In 2009 Tony Abbott said “workplace reform was one of the greatest achievements of the Howard Government.”

Under WorkChoices, millions of Australian workers lost basic protections and suffered real losses to their take home pay.

Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party cannot be trusted with the wages and conditions of hard working Australians.

The only way to protect rights and entitlements at work is to re-elect a Rudd Labor Government.