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Training boost for paediatric nurses in Maribyrnong

The Member for Maribyrnong, Bill Shorten, today announced a grant of $318,000 will go to the Sunshine Hospital to give specialist paediatric training to emergency nurses.

The project is part of an $11 million funding allocation from the Gillard Government for 29 projects to broaden the roles of health professionals and respond to the particular medical workforce needs of communities.

“We are expanding the work of front line health professionals so that they can provide more highly skilled care to patients in the region,” said Mr Shorten.

The funding at Sunshine Hospital will develop an Advanced Practice Paediatric Nurse role which will also support and train other Emergency Department nurses in advanced paediatric care.

It will include training in sedation for minor procedures, asthma management, fracture management, lacerations and abdominal pain management.

The nursing staff will assess, investigate, commence treatment, order diagnostics and management referral and follow-up. More complex cases outside of their scope of practice will be referred to medical staff.

Mr Shorten also said that $107,000 would be spent at the Emergency Department of the Royal Children’s Hospital to streamline procedures.

At the Royal Children’s Hospital, a nurse-led paediatric discharge role will be created to enable nurses to take over the care of a patient after the initial medical consultation.

This should reduce delays while patients wait for medical review, reduce the time medical staff are required to spend with patients with less complex or serious complaints, and improve continuity of care and patient satisfaction.

Mr Shorten said the two projects should improve the care of children and teenagers from Maribyrnong who need emergency medical assistance.

“It builds on the stellar work that is already being done by staff in our hospital emergency departments, and particularly recognizes the needs and demands of paediatric care,” Mr Shorten said.

“I’m sure it will be welcomed by families in the local area.”

The $11 million has been provided in four areas:

  • Expanding the scope of practice of nurses in emergency departments;

  • Expanding the scope of practice of physiotherapists in emergency departments;

  • Introducing advanced practice in endoscopy by nurses; and

  • Extending the role of paramedics.

Across Australia, the Gillard Government will be training, supporting and supervising nurses, physiotherapists and paramedics to perform additional tasks so that they can provide a more comprehensive service to patients.

“In the future there will be an increasing demand for skilled professionals who work collaboratively and can provide high level services to patients,” Mr Shorten said.

“We need to support these professionals to make sure their expertise and experience are best used by the health system.

The funding is provided under the Expanding Workforce Scope initiatives of Health Workforce Australia. It is an important component of the health workforce reforms being delivered by Health Workforce Australia.

The 29 successful grant recipients were selected in a competitive process from among 75 program applicants.


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