Bill's Media Releases


Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Bill Shorten today called on Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party to come clean on their secret plan for Australian workplaces.

 Visiting workers at Yarra Ranges Steel in Kilsyth in Melbourne’s east, Mr Shorten said Australian workers had waited long enough for the Liberals to come clean on their policies and plans.

 “Tomorrow marks a full month since Tony Abbott promised Australians he’d release the full details of his workplace relations policy “in weeks rather than months” on Andrew Bolt’s Sunday program,” Minister Shorten said.

 “The clock is rapidly running down on Mr Abbott’s self-imposed deadline to bring his plans for Australian workplaces out of witness protection.”

 “It’s now been 84 days since the Prime Minister announced the election date, Tony Abbott must now be absolutely upfront with the Australian people about what rights and protections he will be ripping away.”

 Will Tony Abbott guarantee that he won’t rip away unfair dismissal protections?

 Will Tony Abbott guarantee the right to request family friendly arrangements?

 Will Tony Abbott guarantee that he won’t rip away penalty rates?

 Will Tony Abbott guarantee that he won’t rip away rest breaks and long service leave?

 Will Tony Abbott guarantee he won’t water down or cap the Fair Entitlements Guarantee?

 Will Tony Abbott guarantee he won’t allow companies to cut wages and conditions to compensate for his broken promise on cutting company tax?

 “These are the kind of measures that the Australian people wholeheartedly rejected at the 2007 election when they voted against Work Choices.”

 “The Australian people knew what Labor stood for in 2007 and in 2010, and they know what we stand for today; a fair and balanced workplace relations system.”

 “If Tony Abbott fails to come clean with Australian workers and their families tomorrow, it will be yet further proof that Australians cannot trust the Liberal Party with their rights and conditions at work.”

 Yarra Ranges Steel is a leading stainless-steel fabrication company and has worked on projects as diverse as the Royal Children’s Hospital, Barwon Prison, Singapore’s Performing Arts Centre and the University of New York.