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Our best hopes have been dashed and our worst fears realised.


Labor condemns the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, in the strongest possible terms.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to all who mourn the loss of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

A decade ago, these two young men made a dreadful mistake.

By all accounts they spent every minute since seeking to mend their ways and to steer others on the road to redemption. Proof the justice system could reform wrongdoers, not just punish wrongdoing.

Yet today, they were made to pay for one stupid decision of ten years ago with their lives.

Indonesia has not just robbed two young men of their lives but robbed itself of two examples of the strengths of its justice system.


These executions significantly weaken Indonesia’s ability to plead mercy for its own citizens facing execution around the world.


As a close friend and neighbour of Indonesia, Australia is deeply hurt that our pleas for mercy were ignored.


It was completely unacceptable for Indonesia to proceed as it did when critical legal processes were yet to run their course, raising serious questions about Indonesia’s commitment to the rule of law.


Indonesia’s actions demand a strong response from the Australian Government.


Mr Chan and Mr Sukumaran committed a terrible crime. They deserved serious punishment, but not this.

This morning’s news will fall heavily on the many hardworking and courageous people working for their cause.

We acknowledge also the tireless efforts of our diplomatic corps, our embassy staff in Indonesia and the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister.

At all times, the Australian government and opposition have worked together and stood united, against the death penalty and in pursuit of clemency.

Labor opposes the death penalty in every circumstance, in every country. Its continued existence diminishes us all.


The international community must renew its resolve to rid the world of this barbaric practice, and Australia should stand ready to lead this work.



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