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Teal Ribbon Day Breakfast







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It’s an honour to say a few words to you this morning.

I am proud to wear the Teal Ribbon to show my support for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

We know the numbers.

We know that this cancer claims the lives of too many Australians.

I know survivors of this cancer and I know family and friends of those who have not survived.

I know survivors who go on to raise beautiful children – and that is just a miracle.

Yet I believe ovarian cancer is not as well known, or well understood as it should be in Australia.

Too often it is diagnosed too late – limiting the effectiveness of treatment and increasing the risk of death.

I believe that in the Australia in 2014, a lot is asked of Australian women.

Many of you have to juggle family responsibilities.

Some of you have to juggle family and work.

This means you’re very often left with little time for yourself, or your own health – as opposed to the health of your family.

Today we urge the busy women of Australia not to let the symptoms of ovarian cancer go unchecked.

We know that increased public awareness of breast and prostate cancer plays an important part in Australians getting themselves to a doctor earlier – and more Australians beating cancer.

We need to reach this same level of awareness and understanding for ovarian cancer.

Today Members of Parliament from both sides will wear the Teal Ribbon to raise awareness - and as proof of a promise.

A promise to support the search for a simple, effective screening test.

A promise to continue helping hard-working Australian medical researchers find a cure.

A promise to do everything we can to help our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and our friends beat ovarian cancer, once and for all.

I know that women who experience ovarian cancer are extremely brave.

I’ve seen it in hospital wards, and I’ve seen the anguish that families go through.

I believe that Australia is smart enough and generous enough, that, in the future, we won’t have to ask Australian women to be as brave as they are on this particular issue.

Thank you and good morning.