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Sydney workers receive $345,900 in back pay

Workers in Sydney have been back-paid a total of $345,900 following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.


Throughout this week the Fair Work Ombudsman announced a number of recoveries in Sydney, including payments for redundancy entitlements, underpaid wages, penalty rates, annual leave and expense entitlements.


Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Bill Shorten said that it’s important to have an effective watchdog to ensure that all Australian employers know their obligations and all Australian workers receive the correct pay and entitlements.

 “The work of the Fair Work Ombudsman is very important to the economy, assisting business and educating Australian workplaces on fair work practices, rights and obligations,” Mr Shorten said.

 In one case, $30,000 will be back-paid to a worker in Hurstville who was underpaid wages and penalty rates between 2007 and 2012.

 In the last financial year the Fair Work Ombudsman recovered over $17.4 million in back-pay for a total of 5,066 workers in NSW/ACT alone.

 Nationally, the Fair Work Ombudsman recovered $39 million for almost 18,500 underpaid workers.  

 As part of its targeted campaign activity, the workplace watchdog audited 1846 businesses in NSW/ACT and recouped $974,761. 

 “I encourage employees and employers anywhere around the country to call the Fair Work Info line if they are unsure of their rights and obligations,” Mr Shorten said.

 The Fair Work Info line phone number is 13 13 94.