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Energy prices will go up for millions of Australian households and businesses – and so will pollution – because of Malcolm Turnbull's decision to reject independent advice on the best way to tackle pollution.

Mr Turnbull’s credibility has been destroyed. It cannot be recovered. 

He is lashing out in defiance of Australia’s best science, in defiance of simple logic and despite his so-called convictions. 

At what point did Mr Turnbull decide to abandon his belief in market-based solutions to tackling pollution? 

Today he sat at the table with the leaders of every level of government in Australia and humiliated himself. 

If he isn’t embarrassed by his performance, he’d be the only person in the country who isn’t. 

The Government’s best expert advice says effective action on climate change will save households and businesses $15 billion in energy bills over a decade. 

By ruling out taking any effective action on climate change, Malcolm Turnbull is harming the environment, the economy and jobs. 

All the experts – including Mr Turnbull’s handpicked Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel – are saying the Prime Minister’s cowardice will lead to higher power prices, pushing up the cost of living for ordinary families. 

By bowing and scraping to the climate sceptics in his party, Mr Turnbull is damaging the environment, hurting the economy and jobs, and making the cost of living more expensive. 

Malcolm Turnbull is promising more pollution, higher power prices and is sacrificing the jobs that investing in renewable energy will bring – because his only motivation is saving his own job. 


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