Bill's Media Releases


What guides me each day is what is in the best interests of our nation, our democracy and the Australian people.

 The Australian labour movement is a cause that I believe passionately in and it is a cause that I believe is greater than any individual. It is a cause – a movement – that I have lived and worked for my entire adult life.

 I believe this government has delivered once in a generation, nation changing reforms that are true to Labor’s core values.

 These are the things that we must unite behind and fight for

-          A national disability insurance scheme

-          A better education for our kids

-          A secure retirement income

 I believe that Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party is a once in a generation risk to Australia’s future and would take the nation backwards.

 It is the wish of the Caucus for a ballot to be held to determine the leadership of the Party.

 There are 101 members of Caucus, each with a single vote to cast.

 I have carefully considered my position, and have come to the view that Labor stands the best chance of continuing to deliver nation changing reforms under the leadership of Kevin Rudd.

 I understand that this position may come at great personal cost to me, and it has weighed heavily on my mind.

 I am a great admirer of Julia Gillard. 

 What we have managed to achieve in Government under her leadership is remarkable.  BUT the future of the nation and the Labor Party is at stake here, and therefore I am changing my vote tonight to Kevin Rudd. 

 The Australian public want a choice at this coming election, and I believe that Kevin Rudd leading us to the election gives our people, my colleagues, the best chance of winning that election. 

 The achievements of the Rudd and Gillard Governments are many - and it is these achievements that I want to fight for - to make sure they endure, to make sure they are delivered, and to finish the job that Labor started.  

 If Julia Gillard wins the leadership ballot then I wish her well and offer my resignation from Cabinet. Regardless I pledge to campaign to the utmost of my abilities to ensure that Labor wins the election.

 As I have said, this is not an easy decision for me personally. There will even be friends who don’t agree with my decision.

 But my personal view is that this is the best decision and in the best interests of Australia and the Labor Party.

 These causes are bigger than all of us individuals in this particular time of Government. 

 Thank you.