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If I may briefly associate myself with the heartfelt remarks of the Prime Minister. 

Yesterday we were operating on those early fragments of information but the more that we learn the worse that it gets. 

It is clear that Manchester has been an act of evil terror. 

It's a crime of cowardice, it was aimed at innocent people, innocent children, people having innocent fun. 

Mr Speaker

Now we've seen the face of the evil perpetrator, we have also now become witness to the faces of some of those who are lost. 

And in associating myself with the Prime Minister's remarks, I just want to share the comments of Mrs Charlotte Campbell. 

She spoke to the media. Her words could be the words of any parents in this House or indeed any Australian. 

She said:

“I'm at home phoning everybody. Hospitals, police, the centres that the children have been put in.

Her dad is in Manchester looking for her. I've got my friends looking for her. I've got people I don't even know looking for her.

People messaging me saying that we have got her photo. Looking for her. We'll get in contact if we see her.

And I'm just hearing nothing. They basically told me to stay put and wait for a phone call."

Very soon after that, Mrs Campbell had her phone ring with the worst possible news. 

Her daughter, Olivia, was only 15 years old. 

In time the shock will fade and the news will move on but for families, the grief will remain.

We will retain and remain united in our shared determination to defeat terrorism.

And, like the Prime Minister, despite the fierce arguments we might have on other matters here, all of us in Australia stand alongside the United Kingdom as friends, as family, and as partners in this conflict.

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