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Perth workers receive $144,000 in back pay

Workers in Perth will now be back-paid a total of $144,400 following the Fair Work Ombudsman’s latest recovery efforts following a compliance campaign.

 The FWO recovered just over $2.6 million in back-pay for a total of 2,244 workers in Western Australia last year, up from $1.7 million for 1,480 workers the year before.

 More than 57,000 Western Australian employees and employers called the Fair Work Info line last financial year. And the Ombudsman finalised 2,274 workplace complaints in Western Australia during 2011-12.

 The aggregate statistics show that the FWO is a particularly busy and important force in ensuring we have fair workplaces in Australia’s west.

 The FWO conducted targeted campaigns in WA last financial year in the traffic control industry and take-away food outlets and restaurants, and WA employers were also randomly audited as part of national campaigns in the retail, security, clerical and vehicle repair and maintenance industries.

 As part of its targeted campaign activity last year, the workplace watchdog audited 521 Western Australian businesses and recouped $953,721 in underpaid entitlements for employees throughout the state.

 Currently in Western Australia, the Ombudsman is pro-actively auditing fuel retailers in Perth, Albany, Bunbury, Broome, Busselton, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Mandurah, Margaret River and Port Hedland, in addition to company owned, franchised and independent service stations and roadhouses – as part of a tri-state campaign in WA, NT and SA.

 The facts show that the FWO is a national body that continues to roll up its sleeves undertaking strong, detailed work right down at the local level.

 I encourage employees and employers anywhere around the country to call the Fair Work Info line if they are unsure of their rights and obligations.

 The Fair Work Info line phone number is 13 13 94.  

 Mr Shorten’s Media Contact: Jessica Lindell 0408 642 804