Bill's Media Releases



Minister for Education Bill Shorten today reconfirmed the Labor Government’s determination to reach agreement with states and territories on the Better Schools Plan by the end of this week.

The Better Schools Plan will deliver more individual attention and more resources for students in every school.

With one week to go, the Australian Government is urging all states and territories to sign up so more funding can be delivered to our schools and improve educational outcomes for kids.

The Government is continuing positive, constructive discussions with school systems on the detail of these important agreements.

There is nothing more important than the education of our kids and we need to make the investment now to make our schools even Better Schools.

Better Schools is about more one on one attention for every kid so they can reach their full potential.

Better Schools is about individual coaching for kids struggling with literacy and numeracy to ensure they don’t fall behind.

Better Schools is about more support for kids with disability through classroom modification and assistive technology.

Better Schools is about supporting our high achieving students to do even better through extension programs for students with special talents.

Better Schools is about utilising technology like smart boards and iPads to enhance learning outcomes.

Better Schools is about providing a safe environment for every kid by delivering new resources to tackle bullying and help teachers get on top of behaviour management.

Ongoing discussions with states and territories and Independent and Catholic school representatives are about making sure every extra dollar will make a real difference in our schools.

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