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New figures have revealed that shop assistants, waiters, bartenders and cleaners will be hardest hit by Tony Abbot’s plan to cut the Low Income Superannuation Contribution (LISC).

 The Opposition Leader has promised to rip up to $500 from 218,850 retail workers, 145,999 checkout operators and 93,495 kitchen hands across the country. [Full list attached below]

 57 per cent of all Food Preparation Assistants and 53 per cent of all Checkout Operators will be hit by Tony Abbott’s cut according to figures released today by the Minister for Superannuation, Bill Shorten.

 “The Gillard Government is working to ensure hard working Australians have enough to retire on, particularly those earning lower wages now,” said the Minister.

 “Mr Abbott’s plan is to rip away up to $500 from the hands of those Australians who need it most.”

 The Low Income Superannuation Contribution (LISC) delivers up to $500 to the superannuation accounts of 3.6 million Australians earning up to $37,000 a year.

 According to 2010-11 figures released today, 2.2 million or 60 per cent of those low income earners are women.

 “We know that deep down Tony Abbott believes superannuation is a ‘con job’ but this is a cutback of around $4 billion that will particularly affect women.”

 “I’m talking about a mum working part-time while they care for young kids being hit with a $500 tax bill for contributing to her superannuation. That’s not fair or smart.”

 “Women are already retiring with less because of the disparity in their pay compared to men, as well as the time they take out of the workforce to raise their children.”

 “Let’s not make that situation worse, let’s try to address it,” said Minister Shorten today.

 “I’d rather see $4 billion go into the super accounts of 3.6 million low income Australians than into Tony Abbott’s pocket.”

 “I’d rather see a $500 boost to the super account of a kitchen hand or a checkout operator or a farm hand than to Tony Abbott’s pocket.”

 Under Tony Abbott’s plan, around 1 in 3 working Australians will be denied up to $500 each year.

 In addition to the Low Income Superannuation Contribution introduced on 1 July 2012, the Gillard Government will begin to increase the universal superannuation contribution from 9 to 12 percent from 1 July 2013.


1 Sales Assistants and Salespersons 218,850 45%
2 Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers 145,999 53%
3 Food Preparation Assistants 93,495 57%
4 Hospitality Workers 89,722 35%
5 Cleaners and Laundry Workers 83,167 35%
6 Receptionists 57,696 32%
7 General Clerks 46,703 17%
8 Miscellaneous Labourers 42,931 28%
9 Packers and Product Assemblers 41,702 33%
10 Food Trades Workers 40,405 35%
11 Child Carers 36,988 36%
12 Freight Handlers and Shelf Fillers 32,640 37%
13 Personal Carers and Assistants 29,498 12%
14 Electricians 25,622 27%
15 Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers 25,285 45%
16 Bricklayers, and Carpenters and Joiners 25,107 35%
17 Food Process Workers 24,144 29%
18 Accounting Clerks and Bookkeepers 21,968 11%
19 Automotive Electricians and Mechanics 20,323 21%
20 Storepersons 18,550 18%













*Percentage of total workforce