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Friends, it’s great to be here in Campbelltown.

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land upon which we meet.

I acknowledge everyone here as people committed to the Labor cause.

But, I’d also in particular, like to acknowledge my remarkable deputy, New South Wales’ own, Tanya Plibersek.

Campbelltown, it is a community that shaped Gough Whitlam’s vision for Australia.

Before Whitlam, years of neglect meant that the people of Campbelltown, Liverpool, Fairfield, right across the streets and suburbs of Sydney’s West never had amenities that we take for granted: right from streetlights to sewerage.

Gough changed that.

Gough believed in using the power of government to uplift people’s daily lives.

And friends, this is the story of our Labor movement.

Creating opportunity, nourishing community, taking responsibility for the things that matter for working people.

That’s why I am so proud to support a new approach for New South Wales: A Foley Labor Government.

Of course, these days, Tony Abbott only comes to New South Wales to collect his mail and put out the bins.

Once again, the headlines are full of Liberal leadership turmoil. Not if, they say, but when.

It’s hard to watch, but you just can’t look away.

They’re stuck in a three horse race between a former leader they’ve never trusted, a Deputy they’ve never rated - and a Prime Minister who makes Billy McMahon look like a statesman.

Things have gotten so desperate, that I even heard someone talking up a Christopher Pyne – Bronwyn Bishop ‘dream team’.

Mind you, it was Christopher Pyne.

Friends, let me cut through the gossip and speculation and tell you straight, the only thing that matters about all the contenders and the pretenders: is that they’re all Liberal-Nationals.

And this is why it doesn’t matter if they choose the has-been, the could’ve-been or the never-was.

They all sat at the same Cabinet table.

They are all on the same page.

They were all unanimous for all the same decisions.

And they all stand for the same thing.

The same society-dividing Liberal-National policies, the same bleak and narrow view of an unfair Australia, shrinking our way into a lesser future.

So it doesn’t matter if Tony Abbott is driving the Liberal bus – or if his colleagues throw him under it, they always go down the same road.

It’s true in Canberra and its true here in New South Wales.

That’s why, when Tony Abbott cut billions of dollars from hospitals in Westmead and Blacktown, Liverpool and Campbelltown - Mike Baird said nothing.

That’s why, when Tony Abbott cut funding from schools from Mosman to Maitland, from Macquarie Fields to Moree – Mike Baird did nothing.

That’s why, when Tony Abbott talks about cutting penalty rates, driving down wages, putting a new GST on fresh food oR school fees – Mike Baird is missing in action.

My message to Mike Baird is simple today.

When families are under pressure and rising unemployment is on the march…

When TAFE is being wrecked and young people in our regions can’t find an apprenticeship…

When nurses are being sacked and hospital beds are being closed…

When teachers and students are forced to go without the resources they need…

When the Liberals in Canberra are making life harder here in New South Wales…

Silence is not good enough from Mike Baird.

Standing back, folding your arms and smiling just doesn’t cut it.

The people of New South Wales deserve better.

You deserve, the people of New South Wales deserve a Premier who will stand up for this great state.

A Premier with the courage to put the interests of New South Wales ahead of his own political allies in Canberra.

And friends – I know just the man; Luke Foley.

Luke Foley as you know is a person of integrity, and ideas.

As he said in last week’s debate – he leads a team ‘focused on the future’.

He’s got a true Labor vision for the state which he loves.

A plan for education, a plan for jobs and opportunity, for practical change to uplift the lives of people.

And it’s a plan that keeps public assets, in public hands.

He is not selling off the jobs of tomorrow – with no Plan B.

A deliberate choice to use the profits they make to fund the health and education services for the people of New South Wales that they rely upon.

Luke and his team have a great Labor story to tell.

And we need you all to help tell it – today and every day.

There’s only 28 days to go now - until the election.

No-one should ever doubt however, the power of the true believers with great ideas.

Together, we here assembled can make the difference; you can change the Government and change the future.

So let’s get on and do it.