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Liberal Members of Parliament have told Tony Abbott in no uncertain terms today that they don’t believe his policy goes far enough on workplaces relations.

Not content with a workplace relations policy allowing pizza for penalty rates, the Liberal back bench have confirmed Work Choices is alive and well in the Liberal partyroom.

“Ideally, we would have gone a bit further but, practically – given the nature of the scare campaign – it is sensible to bed down the economy and other issues in the first term and then address the more substantive issues coming up to the election in three years’ time.”

Dr Dennis Jensen, Liberal Member for Tangney

 Another Liberal Member of Parliament said:

 “I’m not trying to advocate that we don’t pay people properly, but we do need more flexibility. Any slight improvement they want – but we won’t go there [penalty rates] because of the damage we did to ourselves [with WorkChoices].”

 These comments from Liberal Members of Parliament show that Tony Abbott will say anything to be elected Prime Minister in September.

As has been said before, we needn't look in a crystal ball; all we had to do was read their policy document.

At its core, the Liberal Party believe in driving down wages and conditions through unfair individual contracts.

Tony Abbott should have the courage of his convictions and tell Australians what he really stands for.

In 2009 Tony Abbott said “workplace reform was one of the greatest achievements of the Howard Government.”

In 2008 Tony Abbott said WorkChoices was “good for wages, it was good for jobs, and it was good for workers. And let’s never forget that.”

And in Battlelines, Tony Abbott’s policy manifesto, he said “WorkChoices wasn’t all bad.”

 The record of the Liberal Party shows that they are a real threat to the livelihood of Australian working people.

Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party cannot be trusted on workplace relations. Not now, not then, not ever.