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On behalf of the Federal Labor Party, I wish all Australians a very happy new year.


This is a great time to celebrate what was achieved in 2013, as well as look toward 2014 and beyond.


For all of us, the new year presents an renewed opportunity to  focus on the things that really matter – our families, our community and our nation’s future.


Keeping Australians in work will be one of the biggest challenges we face in 2014.


The kind of job losses that occurred towards the end of 2013 can’t be allowed to happen again this year.


To confront the challenges of the future, our resolve must be durable and unwavering.


We must continue to fight for the fair go and ensure every Australian has the opportunity to reach their full potential – through education, proper health care or a hand when they need it most.


No matter what is ahead of us, I know our nation will continue to be rewarded by the resilience, hard work and creativity of its people.


Best wishes for 2014.

1 JANUARY 2014


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