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Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation, Bill Shorten, thanked the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS) Advisory Group which met in Sydney yesterday to discuss the path forward to developing a comprehensive scheme for catastrophic injuries.

Mr Shorten appointed the Advisory Group in November 2011 to assist the Government to establish a NIIS to cover the lifetime care and support needs for all people who experience a catastrophic injury.

The Advisory Group includes representatives from the insurance, legal, disability and medical sectors, as well as local government and unions.

“Working closely with the Advisory Group ensures the Government is getting the best possible expert advice when making this nation-changing scheme a reality,” Minister Shorten said.

The Productivity Commission identified the four main causes of catastrophic injury which require a NIIS, namely motor vehicle accidents, medical accidents, workplace accidents, and general accidents occurring in the home or community.

“The only factor which should determine the level of care someone receives is the level of support they require, not the cause of their injury.”

The Advisory Group has issued a Communiqué on the outcomes of the meeting, where it endorsed a comprehensive system of lifetime care and support for all the four main causes of catastrophic injury.

* Communiqué attached

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