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Media release: Workchoices to 'save' us, says Senior Liberal Shadow Minister

After months of keeping working Australians in the dark over their plans for workplace relations laws, the Liberal Party has today shone a light on their belief that WorkChoices is the way to salvation, Minister for Workplace Relations Bill Shorten said today.

One of Tony Abbott’s handpicked ministerial team, Queensland MP Andrew Laming, today said on Twitter:

Spain- after decades of unionized laws- now turns to WorkChoices to save them.

“It’s clear that no matter what the question, the Liberal’s answer is WorkChoices.”

“They see the path to salvation as one of cutting wages and conditions and giving Australians less job security.”

“It’s in their DNA, it’s an article of faith – they think that because WorkChoices will save the big end of town a bit of money, it’ll save us all.”

Under WorkChoices real Australians suffered:

-          No protections from unfair dismissal – they could be sacked for no reason or any reason

-          Being forced to sign up to AWAs which cut pay and conditions with no compensation

-          Cuts to overtime, penalty rates and redundancy pay

“If the Liberals think WorkChoices saved us, it just shows how out of touch they really are.”

“Mr Abbott famously said WorkChoices was dead, buried and cremated – well it seems that the Liberal Party thinks WorkChoices is in need of a second coming.”