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There is one day left to vote and save Medicare.

Doctors and experts could not be clearer – Mr Turnbull’s cuts are destroying universal healthcare in this country.

Mr Turnbull’s health cuts are dangerous. His refusal to acknowledge the damage they will do is insulting.

The Australian Medical Association has estimated that many practices will need to charge patients $25 more because of Mr Turnbull’s Medicare policies.

According to the Royal Australian College of GPs, 14.5 million Australians will have to pay more to see the doctor.

Australians are already seeing fees increase when they visit the GP. They are already seeing practices walk away from bulk billing.

Mr Turnbull is destroying Medicare brick by brick.

This election, the only way Australia can have a strong Medicare system is to elect a Shorten Labor Government. Only Labor will protect Medicare.

1 JULY 2016

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