Bill's Media Releases


With local youth unemployment rising to 13.6 per cent, Opposition Leader and Member for Maribyrnong Bill Shorten has slammed the Abbott Government's lack of commitment to the School Business Community Partnership Brokers initiative.

Mr Shorten said the program, implemented by the former Labor Government, assisted vulnerable young people with employment and training.

"Run locally through the Brimbank and Melton Local Learning and Employment Network, Partnership Brokers is about connecting our young people to the wider community - and therefore greater employment and training opportunities," he said.

"The program plays an important role in building partnerships between young people, schools, business and industry, community organisations and parents and families."

"Given the success of the program and the importance of these outcomes, it's astonishing that the Abbott Government refuses to commit to ongoing funding."

Mr Shorten also suggested that it was disappointing that Senator Scott Ryan, Parliamentary Secretary for Education, supported an end to the program.

"As a representative for Melbourne's west, Senator Ryan should really understand the importance of addressing youth unemployment. But he is just willing to turn his back on Brimbank’s young people and their futures."

"To claim that a one size fits all approach under Job Services Australia suffices for every vulnerable young person shows just how out of touch Senator Ryan is."