Bill's Media Releases


Opposition Leader and Member for Maribyrnong Bill Shorten has condemned the Abbott Government’s decision to cut local youth employment services, highlighting the record levels of unemployment for those aged 24 and under.


“The Abbott Government decision to terminate the Youth Connections program and the Partnership Brokers program is deplorable,” he said.


“With local youth unemployment a huge issue for our community and our nation, the Abbott Government should understand that these services are more important than ever.”


Mr Shorten said the Abbott Government’s Budget had demonstrated their commitment to ideology, rather than helping young Australians into work.


“On the one hand, the Abbott Government is saying that young people need greater motivation in order to get a job, but on the other they are ripping away the very services that can help,” he said.


“I am particularly disappointed that the decision to cut these local services is supported by Senator Scott Ryan, Parliamentary Secretary for Education.”


“As a representative of Melbourne’s west, he should know how much our community needs these programs.”