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Liberals cannot be trusted on superannuation

A senior member of Tony Abbott’s team has once again shown why Australians cannot trust the Liberal Party with their superannuation.

 This morning on Sky News, one of Tony Abbott’s senior frontbenchers, Kevin Andrews, repeatedly refused to commit to increase superannuation from 9 to 12 per cent should the Liberals win government.

 Only Labor can be trusted to continue to support and grow the retirement savings of working Australians.

 Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party voted against increasing universal superannuation to 12 per cent in the Parliament.

 The Liberal Party has voted against increasing superannuation every time a Labor Government has done so.

 Tony Abbott has derided superannuation as ‘a con job.’

 We already know Tony Abbott will attack the superannuation of 3.6 million low-paid and part-times workers, including 2.1 million women, by imposing a new 15 per cent tax.

 Tony Abbott and his team should accept that superannuation is a foundation stone of a strong Australian economy and commit to increasing universal superannuation to 12 per cent.

 Labor are the champions of superannuation.

 Because of past and present Labor Governments superannuation is a unique national advantage for Australia and a system that is the envy of the rest of the world.

 The Liberal Party has never supported superannuation and they never will.