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The Liberal Party has backflipped on their commitment to support amendments to the Fair Work Act which address the scourge of workplace bullying in Australia.

 Less than one month after releasing their policy, the Liberal Party has apparently changed its mind on workplace relations.

 The Liberal Party’s policy is not yet one month old and not worth the paper it’s written on.

 In addition, Senator Abetz made this comment at the launch:

“We are relatively relaxed in relation to all of them, other than the right-of-entry provisions that the Leader has already spoken about and in relation to bullying, we do say that bullying is a curse in the workplace. It does need to be dealt with…”



9 MAY 2013

 The Gillard Government genuinely wants to address the economic and emotional cost of bullying in our workplaces.

The Productivity Commission has said that workplace bullying is costing Australia up to $36 billion a year in lost productivity.

 The human cost of bullying cannot be measured.

 The Liberals have once again backflipped on a commitment they gave, choosing to play politics rather than protect vulnerable workers from bullying.

 The Liberals said they would support the Government’s legislation.

 Legislation which delivers a key recommendation of the Parliament’s workplace bullying inquiry - an individual right of recourse for victims.

 The Liberals are now demanding that all measures to assist victims of bullying be scrapped.

 The Liberals said they cared about providing an avenue to victims of bullying, to make sure the issues were resolved quickly and effectively.

 We now know they were crying crocodile tears.

 The Liberals have demonstrated, yet again, that they cannot be trusted on workplace relations.