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As part of Gonski Week, Labor is joining with parents, teachers, principals and students across the country to recognise the importance of the needs-based funding reforms, and calling on the Turnbull Liberal Government to reverse its school cuts.

This week is an opportunity to celebrate what schools have been able to achieve with the additional needs-based funding delivered by Labor, but also reflect on what is at risk.

Labor built the Gonski reforms, but the Liberals have been tearing them down. They have cut the vital fifth and sixth years of the Gonski reforms, and ripped $30 billion from our schools over the next decade.


Labor is the party of fairness and equity, especially when it comes to education. That is why we legislated and funded these reforms in Government, and why we continue to fight the Liberals $30 billion cut to our schools.


Only Labor will ensure that schools have the resources they need to provide the support in the classroom to students with disability, students from low socio-economic backgrounds, Indigenous students, and other disadvantaged groups, so they can fulfil their potential.


At the next election, there will be a clear choice between Labor’s plan for a needs-based, properly funded school system, and the Liberals’ cuts.


The Gonski needs-based school funding reforms are incredibly important to Australia’s future and the future of all Australian students.


The Gonski reforms are Labor reforms, and we will not stop fighting for them. Because if we leave our schools behind, we have failed the next generation.




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