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A Shorten Labor Government will reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s Medicare freeze immediately, because we know that every day until the freeze ends is another day that Australians will be paying more for health.

Malcolm Turnbull said he got the message on Medicare – but under Malcolm Turnbull, families will still pay more to see the doctor.

Malcolm Turnbull has had far too many opportunities to do the right thing and drop his entire Medicare freeze immediately – but he has shirked the chance at every opportunity.

He could have dropped it the day after the election- he didn’t.

He could’ve dropped it in his mid-year economic update – he didn’t.

And he could have done the right thing once and for all and dropped it in Tuesday’s Budget – he didn’t.

The freeze is impacting bulk billing rates and forcing Australians to pay more out of their own pocket for health.

Since the Government introduced their Medicare freeze in the 2014 mid-year economic forecast, out of pocket costs are at an all-time high:

  • Non-referred GP attendances now $33.45 – up 14 per cent under their freeze
  • Specialist attendances now $69.75 – up 19 per cent under their freeze
  • Allied health now $40.45 – up 21 per cent under their freeze

And despite this – Australians will be left waiting years and years for relief, impacting on many of Australia’s most vulnerable patients – such as those needing critical oncology treatment, obstetric services, and paediatric treatment.

Labor is the party that built Medicare – and only Labor can be trusted to fight and protect Medicare.

FRIDAY, 12 MAY 2017

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