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A Shorten Labor Government will partner with the Victorian Government and Geelong City Council to build the infrastructure and economic opportunities the region needs for the future – investing $153 million in a Geelong City Partnership.

Geelong is Victoria’s second biggest city, and also the gateway to one of Australia’s most beautiful natural wonders – the sights along the Great Ocean Road – hosting 5.1 million visitors each year.

It also plays an important role in supporting Melbourne’s growth, as many people choose to live in Geelong and commute to Melbourne for work.
But to capitalise on the immense economic and tourism opportunities, and help support the region’s changing job market with the decline of traditional
manufacturing, it needs investment and strategic coordination between all levels of government.

That’s why Labor will pursue a City Partnership with the Victorian Government and Geelong City Council, putting to paper a shared commitment to growing Geelong into the future.

Labor will provide a $153 million investment as the Federal contribution to a package of tourism and visitor economy projects, which have been identified by the Geelong City Council and organisations such as the G21 Regional Alliance and Committee for Geelong as vital to the region’s future:

  • The Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre – enabling the region to host more large-scale events, supporting 600 jobs during construction and 270 ongoing jobs.
  • the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan – with the coast drawing more than two million visitors a year, investment in facilities and infrastructure to improve the tourism and protect the often fragile local environment.
  • Central Geelong revitalisation – transforming the heart of the city and building in more green space.
  • Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour – a new marina increasing capacity to cater for a large increase in yachts and watercraft visiting, and improve public access to the water, support major events and enhance other recreation, economic and tourism opportunities.

Economic modelling found that this suite of projects would result in around $2.9 billion in additional growth to the Victorian economy.

The projects will create around 975 additional permanent jobs and build a better Geelong for the region’s current and future residents and visitors.

In July this year Labor announced its City Partnerships policy, which will foster more genuine collaboration between the three levels of government, in recognition that the existing City Deals framework does not adequately include local councils as the reform partners they should be.

This announcement builds on our proud record of infrastructure investment in the Geelong region, with the former Labor Government investing in the Geelong Ring Road, including the bypass, the Princes Highway West duplication and funding the Regional Rail Link.

Labor is investing in a better quality of life for Geelong – better economic opportunities, better jobs, better infrastructure – to build a better future for the region.

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