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A Shorten Labor Government will invest in Tasmanian tourism and jobs, providing $8.8 million in funding towards the completion of the 110km North West Coastal Pathway.

Tasmania’s North West and West Coasts are a uniquely beautiful part of Australia, and a growing tourism hotspot. But to take advantage of the economic and tourism opportunities, the area needs to invest in infrastructure which properly showcases the beauty of the North-West Coast.
Labor has long been a supporter of the Coastal Pathway project – and we are proud to reaffirm our commitment with an $8.8 million investment.
Labor’s investment will go towards the construction of stages from Latrobe to Devonport, Don to Leith, Ulverstone to Penguin, Penguin to Sulphur Creek, and Wivenhoe to Heybridge.
Crucially, this includes $4 million in funding for the final stage of the pathway – the Wivenhoe to Heybridge section - meaning it will stretch for 110km from Wynyard to Latrobe and connect around 85,000 Tasmanians. 
This funding for Coastal Pathway won’t just benefit visitors to the region, it will provide an injection into the economy and support new jobs. The Cradle Coast Authority has estimated the network of pathways will put an additional $17 million into the local economy every year and support 97 new full time jobs.
Labor’s investment is almost double what the Turnbull Government has on the table – an additional $4 million – and will see this project on the road to completion.
Labor’s always been committed to Coastal Pathway – we started the project and this investment will help finish the project. In Government we provided $2.2 million funding for Tasmanian Pathways Infrastructure.
We’re now calling on the Hodgman Government to match our commitment to the final stage of Coastal Pathway – and for the Turnbull Government to put more money on the table.
Turnbull only pretends to care about the North-West and West Coasts when there’s an election, but the truth is in his record of cuts and neglect.
Turnbull’s cuts to schools and TAFE will make it harder for the North-West and West Coasts to get ahead and get a good job, andMr Whiteley did nothing to stand up against these cuts.

Brett Whiteley is a former banker who cares more about giving the banks a big tax handout than he cares about fighting for the local community – Braddon needs a local champion fighting against Turnbull’s cuts, and that’s why they need Justine Keay.

Labor can invest in more jobs, better infrastructure and tourism opportunities because we're not giving a $17 billon taxpayer funded handout to the big banks.

Only Bill Shorten and Justine Keay are fighting for a Fair Go for the North West and West Coasts.


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