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A Shorten Labor Government will fix Townsville’s water security once and for all by fully funding Stage two of the Water Security Taskforce’s report, building it concurrently with Stage one – and with no strings attached.

Labor will also invest $200 million to build a hydro-electric power station on the Burdekin Dam. This will put downward pressure on power bills, create 150 local jobs and generate enough electricity for 30,000 homes.

Last week, the final Townsville Water Security Taskforce report called for “a once and for all fix” for Townsville’s water supply.
Fixing Townsville’s water crisis is critical. That’s why a year and a half ago Labor committed $100 million in funding.
Now that we’ve got the final report from the Water Security Taskforce we will implement its recommendations. Delivering water security for Townsville once and for all.
The Water Security Taskforce said that building Stage 1 and Stage 2 concurrently would save taxpayers $55 million.

This would deliver long term water security for Townsville cheaper, faster and it would mean more jobs now for a town that needs it.

These are critical projects for the region’s future - the people who live and work in Townsville need affordable water solutions that provide for a reliable supply into the longer term.

Federal Labor’s investment would be in partnership with Queensland Labor, who are currently building stage one.
These investments are a result of the advocacy of Cathy O’Toole, who has been fighting for Townsville to get the water security it needs. It is also a testament to the local community’s determination to get a resolution, in particular Water Security Taskforce Chairman Brad Webb.
We led the way in funding the Townsville Stadium redevelopment and in recognising the need for port channel widening. Today, we’re continuing to lead on water security and hydro power for the Burdekin.
Labor's commitment to securing Townsville's water supply has no strings attached – it’s rock solid.
We won't leave this project half-done or waste time on unnecessary business cases that push construction out into the never never.
Labor first committed $100 million to implement the findings of the Townsville Water Security Taskforce more than a year and a half ago. Today we’re increasing that funding to deliver the water security Townsville needs.

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