At this election we will offer Australians a real choice:
on fair taxation, on Australian jobs, on a properly-funded Medicare, on renewable energy and importantly - on quality education.

Labor’s ‘Your Child, Our Future’ is a commitment to the full Gonski funding - the biggest commitment to education in two generations.

As a parent I want the best education not only for our kids, but everyone else’s too.

Nothing is more important to building our national prosperity, unlocking opportunity and reducing and abolishing inequality than education.

It is why education is at the very top of Labor’s policy priorities.

Labor will fight for equal opportunity schooling, so that every child receives a quality education no matter where they live, or who they are.

Labor’s “Your Child, Our Future” will mean more individual attention for students, better trained teachers, every school, every child. Government, Independent or Catholic.

Mr Morrison is cutting $30 billion from education. If you care about education, this election you have a very clear choice.

No $100K uni degree debts

Labor will never support this government’s plan for $100,000 university degrees.
We have a very different view of higher education.

Immediately upon coming to government, Labor will reverse the Liberals cuts to undergraduate student funding.

A Shorten Labor Government will invest in you, the students of Australia.

We will put Australian students first, because university funding is an investment in the future.


Equal Treatment of Women

I believe - and Labor believes that much remains to be done to achieve equality between Australian women and men to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities.

We believe that our whole nation benefits from the full and equal participation of women in education, work and decision-making, not least enhancing productivity and competitiveness.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Labor created the NDIS because we understood that the current system of disability support isn’t working.

Across the country, the NDIS is now transforming the lives of about 20,000 people with disability.

For the first time, people with disability have their needs met in a way that supports them to live with choice and dignity.

And we will fight, all of us in Labor, for an NDIS delivered on time – and in full.

Labor has set a bold new goal for renewable energy. 50 per cent of Australia’s electricity to come from renewable energy, by 2030, because more talk won’t help tackle climate change, but strong targets for renewables like solar will.

Penalty rates are not a luxury

Penalty rates are not a luxury. They are what puts food on the table and petrol in the car for millions of Australian families.

Working and middle class families are already struggling to keep their heads above water. The last thing they need is the Government cutting their penalty rates

As a parent, I understand mums and dads don’t want to miss weekends with their families – they do it to make ends meet.

Labor will never stop fighting for penalty rates.

A vote for Labor at the next election is a vote to protect weekend penalty rates.

The Coalition’s policies will hurt working and middle class people.
Labor will fight them.

With a Coalition Government hellbent on removing penalty rates, cutting Medicare, cutting pensions, cutting family payments, slugging students with $100,000 uni degree debts and cutting $80 billion from health and education - there has never been a more important time to stand up for the Australian people than right now.

Mr Morrison talks about fairness, but as with everything else, he says one thing and does another. Only Labor can be trusted to protect penalty rates and working conditions, deliver quality education for all and stand up for Medicare.