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A Shorten Labor Government will invest $50 million to kick-start construction of a new South Australian Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The South Australian Government originally pledged to rebuild the hospital by 2024 but they haven’t committed any money for this vital project.
Federal Labor believes this is a project that should go ahead as soon as possible, particularly now a suitable site near Royal Adelaide Hospital has been identified.

That’s why Labor will commit $50 million from our $2.8 billion Better Hospitals Fund to get this project going.

The current Women’s and Children’s Hospital is ageing and lacks a number of key services, including an adult intensive care unit and a helipad.

Children and pregnant women from all over South Australia use the current hospital, particularly those who need the highest levels of care.
Both sides of politics acknowledge a rebuild is necessary.

Labor believes that the people of South Australia deserve the best possible health care, which is why we want to make this rebuild a reality.
We hope the South Australian Government will partner with us to deliver this project – rather than pushing it off into the never-never. We believe the state government should detail their funding plans for the new hospital in their upcoming state budget.

Labor can pay for better local hospitals because we will make multinationals pay their fair share and close tax loopholes used by the top end of town.
Scott Morrison is spending billions on handouts to the top end of town while cutting money from local hospitals. 
As Treasurer, Scott Morrison cut funding from health while trying to give an $80 billion tax handout to big business, including $17 billion to the big banks.
And Morrison will cut even more money from hospitals if the Liberals win the election.
Families in South Australia are sick of the Liberals’ cuts and chaos. They want investment in their hospitals.
That’s what a Shorten Labor Government will deliver.
Every patient in every hospital across the country will be better off under Labor’s plan to restore the $2.8 billion in funding that Scott Morrison is cutting from public hospitals. 

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