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A Shorten Labor Government will help create up to 3,700 jobs for South Australia by delivering $45.6 million in funding to build the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme.

The NAIS delivers enough water to add 300 hectares of new, intensive agricultural land in Adelaide’s north, delivering $1.1 billion in private investment and adding $578 million each year to the South Australian economy.

The South Australian Labor Government has committed $110 million to construct the $155.6 million North Adelaide Irrigation Scheme - but the Turnbull Government has failed time and time again to support South Australians by funding this project.

Malcolm Turnbull has failed to fund this project despite the request from the South Australian Government and the project being on Infrastructure Australia’s Priority List.

Labor will fix that.  We will ensure this critical project receives its fair share of federal funding.

As part of the new NAIS, the South Australians will see:

  • An upgrade infrastructure at the Bolivar Waste Water Treatment Plant to produce an additional 12 GL per year of recycled water suitable for irrigation
  • Construction of recycled water distribution infrastructure to the area north of the Gawler River
  • The enabling of a major new irrigation area to be constructed, which would see more food production

Through the delivery of large volumes of extra water, the capacity of the North Adelaide Plains’ horticulture industry would significantly increase.

It’s time for the Turnbull Government to stop focusing on itself and follow Labor’s lead by committing to this project.  They could do this today.

Under the Liberals, SA has been hit hard.  They goaded the car industry into abandoning Australia, cut TAFE, attacked the growing renewable energy industry and have cut 130,000 apprentices - massively hurting the future of manufacturing jobs in South Australia.

Labor has consistently demonstrated a commitment to South Australia and has a strong history of acting to support critical infrastructure and jobs in South Australia.  Labor also has a strong record ensuring South Australia receives the water it needs, through the negotiation and delivery of the historic Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

A factsheet with further details in relation to this announcement is available here.


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