08 June 2016

Labor has a clear 10-year plan to grow the economy, create jobs and deliver Budget repair that is fair.

A Shorten Labor Government will drive growth now and into the future by investing in our greatest asset - our people.

Labor believes that when middle and working class families prosper, when small businesses prosper, Australia prospers.

We will invest in schools, TAFE and universities to strengthen the skills, talent and capabilities of all Australians.

Building a strong education system that is accessible to all Australians will help create better jobs for middle and working class families, increase productivity and grow the economy.

Labor will invest in nation building infrastructure – roads, rail and a first-rate National Broadband Network – creating more jobs, strengthening the economy and boosting future productivity.

Our plan will drive innovation and more local jobs in advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and services.

Labor’s long term, 10-year plan is focused on supporting the transition in our economy and making investments for growth into the future.

Today, many Australian workers and families face uncertainty from a changing labour market as the impact of the mining investment boom coming to an end, a changing climate, the rise of Asia’s middle class and the impact of technology on our working lives shape their lives.

Business models are forced to adapt to seek out opportunities for growth and new markets.

But under the Liberals we are seeing an economy that is fragile, declining private investment, flat wages growth, declining hours worked and falling living standards.

Australia needs better than Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals are offering.  We need a plan that will see middle and working class families prosper, so that Australia prospers.

Labor’s plan will address these challenges and turn them into opportunities, building a stronger, fairer economy that will drive productivity and improve living standards into the future by:

  1. Investing in people – Labor will improve the quality of education and training, to drive productivity and ensure Australians are prepared for the jobs of the future.
  2. Building Australia – Labor will facilitate the economic transition by investing in roads, rail and the NBN, creating jobs and improving the liveability and productivity of our cities and regions.
  3. Driving investment in renewables and new industry – Labor will stand up for jobs in manufacturing and send the right signals to attract investment in renewables.
  4. Supporting innovation and startups – Labor will drive jobs and innovation through tax relief and support for startups.
  5. Helping small business – Labor will deliver tax cuts to small businesses while putting them on a more even playing field when it comes to competing in the marketplace.
  6. Budget repair that's fair – Labor will better target tax concessions to middle and working class families and ensure greater female participation in the workforce.

The contrast between Labor and the Liberals could not be more stark.

Mr Turnbull wants to give big business a $50 billion tax giveaway, while at the same time running down our human capital and skills base.

Mr Turnbull has cut $29 billion from our schools and wants to charge students up to $100,000 for a university degree.

Mr Turnbull and more than 60 members of his Liberal team want to cut penalty rates for low paid workers who rely on them to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Labor is the only party with a fair policy agenda that will ensure a successful economic transition, by investing in nation building infrastructure, and growing a stronger and more productive economy in the future by investing in our best resource – our people.

Labor will build a stronger and more productive economy.

For more information on Labor’s 10-year plan for Australia’s economy please visit: