11 May 2017

Labor’s Women’s Budget Statement, launched today, shows Malcolm Turnbull’s 2017 Budget leaves women behind.

The Australian Government used to produce a yearly Women’s Budget Statement, until the Liberals abolished it in 2014. They got rid of it because they wanted to hide how women are impacted by their policies, cuts and spending.

We have been calling on the Liberals to bring back the Women’s Budget Statement, but they’ve refused.

So for four years, Labor has been producing a Women’s Budget Statement from Opposition.

In their 2017 Budget, the Liberals could find $50 billion to give big businesses a tax break, but they had little for services women rely on, including Medicare and homelessness programs.

Three quarters of the Liberals’ tax cuts for high income earners benefit men.

Their university cuts will disproportionately impact women.

The Liberals have admitted that they only reversed their cuts to Paid Parental Leave, Family Tax Benefit, and other similar measures because they couldn’t get them through the Parliament. Everyone knows they will bring back these savage cuts as soon as they get the chance. 

Since the Liberals came to power in 2013, Australia has slipped from 19th to 46th place in the Global Gender Gap Report.

Overcoming the barriers to gender equality won’t happen by accident – we need concrete plans for real action. This Budget fails to deliver.

Only Labor believes in taking real action to achieve gender equality.

That’s why, earlier this year, Labor launched a national conversation on gender equality: Setting the Agenda, to talk about what needs to change.

To be part of the conversation, you can share your views at or take part in the consultations Labor’s Status of Women Committee will be running around the country through 2017.