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A Shorten Labor Government will prioritise jobs for Territorians, and will create a new Business Advisory Council on the Northern Territory to develop and deliver a long-term plan for growth.

Right now, the Territory is witnessing an investment boom with the rapid development of resources projects like the Inpex LNG plant and the ramping up of Defence projects.

Labor wants to ensure Territorians can harness the benefits from this increased economic activity to create more jobs and better opportunities. 

The Business Advisory Council will provide advice on the Territory’s economic development, including the Federal Government’s role in developing critical economic and social infrastructure, maximising local industry participation in government projects and improving access to foreign markets.

Applying the lessons learned from past investment booms around Australia will ensure the Territory benefits from growth today while also building for the future.  

The Business Advisory Council will include representatives from the resources, agricultural, services, construction, tourism and defence sectors, and will meet three times a year with senior members of the Government.

It will also provide advice on the local delivery of Labor’s national growth-enhancing policies like transitioning to renewable energy, delivering a proper NBN, investing in infrastructure, and improving education and health care.       

Our practical plan to grow jobs – in the Territory and right around Australia – marks a sharp contrast with the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s appalling economic record.

On the Abbott-Turnbull government’s watch, Australians have seen wages grow at the slowest rate on record, falling living standards and record underemployment. Despite its attacks on family budgets and services, the Government has also tripled the deficit in three years and blown out debt by $100 billion.    

Labor is the party of jobs. Our Business Advisory Council on the Northern Territory is yet another way we will grow jobs, protect prosperity and ensure Territorians share in the benefits.  

THURSDAY, 26 MAY 2016     

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