Bill's Media Releases

Grocon Dispute

The Government is concerned about the dispute between Grocon and the CFMEU and the ugly scenes witnessed in recent days.

 The Government has been entirely and consistently clear throughout this dispute.  Violence or unlawful activity or bullying or harassment or intimidation by any participant will not be condoned on Australia’s building sites.

 The Australian construction sector is a hazardous industry where workplace safety is the most important priority. 

 However, there can be no excuse for intimidation, violence and thuggery. The Australian Government condemns the use of these tactics.

 I would expect the CFMEU to respect and comply with orders of the Victorian Supreme Court.

 I am firmly of the view that the underlying matters at issue between Grocon and the CFMEU are best resolved by both parties sitting down to discuss and work through the matters at issue to reach an outcome.

 That is why I brokered private discussions between the parties on Monday this week.

 The President of Fair Work Australia has agreed to again make himself available to continue to assist Grocon and the CFMEU to work through this matter expeditiously and on a without prejudice basis.

 The leaders of Grocon, Mr Daniel Grollo and the CFMEU Construction Division, Mr Dave Noonan have agreed to make themselves available to meet tomorrow.

 Fair Work Building and Construction will continue to actively monitor and investigate events at the Melbourne Emporium construction site to determine if there have been breaches of industrial law.

 Some commentators who state the current dispute is a result of the abolition of the Australian Building & Construction Commission are reckless and misleading.

 Fair Work Building and Construction has extensive investigation and prosecution powers where breaches of industrial law are found, including coercive powers and the capacity to seek the imposition of significant penalties and the recovery of economic loss.

 Other civil proceedings and criminal investigations by the Victorian police are matters for those individuals and agencies.

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