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Griffth by-election

On behalf of Federal Labor, I would like to congratulate Terri Butler and her campaign on a fantastic win in the Griffith by-election.

Terri has won this by-election and the privilege of representing the people of Griffith.

Her opponent was well known in the electorate after successive campaigns in a high profile seat. But Terri demonstrated that she was prepared to stand up against Tony Abbot’s cuts to health and fight for the people of Griffith.

The people of Griffith have felt the pain of Campbell Newman’s cuts to health and hospitals and they are rightly worried that Mr Abbott has more in store.

Protecting Medicare to ensure every Australians receives the healthcare they need not the healthcare they can afford was central to this campaign.

Families in Griffith fear that the Government’s plan to impose a tax on doctor visits might just be the start of Mr Abbott’s attack on the cost of living.

It is clear to people in Southside Brisbane that Tony Abbott has given up the fight to stop Australian jobs like those at SPC and Holden going overseas.

Terri Butler is a fantastic addition to the Federal Labor team and together we will hold the Abbott Government to account and fight for jobs and affordable healthcare.

Kevin Rudd was a great local member for the people of this area, he made a tremendous contribution to the nation and I am confident that record will continue with Terri Butler, as the new Member for Griffith.




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