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Government’s Advisory Group supports next steps in development of a National Injury Insurance Scheme

Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation, Bill Shorten, today thanked the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS) Advisory Group, which met on Friday 22 June to discuss and further consider NIIS design and implementation.

“The Advisory Group has issued a Communiqué on the outcomes of the meeting, including its support for the Government to develop the policy framework concerning medical misadventure, which relates to personal injury caused by medical error or mishap,” Mr Shorten said.  

“The Advisory Group’s work on the issues associated with the establishment of a NIIS, is key to the Gillard Government’s reforms to the disability care and support sector.”

The Advisory Group was established to assist the Government consider the Productivity Commission’s NIIS recommendations.

The NIIS is intended to cover the lifetime care and support needs for all people who experience a catastrophic injury.

“Why should the state you are injured in or the cause of your injury determine the level of care you receive? Your medical and support needs, not any other factor, should determine your level of care," Mr Shorten said.

Minister Shorten is keen to consult with stakeholders and the community and will convene a group of key stakeholders in the second half of July to discuss the possible extension of the NIIS to medical misadventure.

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