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A Shorten Labor Government will give our ADF members choice to select their issued boots for service - our ADF members aren’t one size fits all, and their boots shouldn’t be, either.

Our military personnel are our most critical ADF capability. It is vital they are well equipped to perform at their best and deliver on their mission.
ADF members work day in, day out, in their kit and, like us, our ADF personnel are not one-size fits all.
That’s why Labor will recognise the importance of our ADF personnel being fitted with a more individual approach.
Labor’s approach will see Defence provide a greater range of pre-approved boots to fit the needs of the ADF personnel and Defence’s requirements. 
Labor will establish a panel of providers to let ADF members choose from a range of pre-approved boots that best meet their individual needs while also meeting the requirements of their service.
This will give members more choice and flexibility to suit their individual needs while maintaining ADF requirements.

The success of the ADF depends, in part, on the quality and appropriateness of personnel clothing and equipment.
Labor is committed to supporting the principle of greater choice for packs. We will work with experts in Government to determine the feasibility of expanding greater access to packs which suit both our ADF personnel and their operational requirements.
Our ADF personnel’s safety and wellbeing is a priority to Labor. That is why we are committed to ensuring our ADF members have the best possible equipment that meets their individual needs, ensures their physical health, and in turn produces better outcomes for the ADF.

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