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The Australian Labor Party is pleased to announce that Dr Brian Owler has nominated to be Labor’s candidate for Bennelong at the next federal election.

Dr Owler is a neurosurgeon, former president of the Australian Medical Association and past president of the AMA NSW.
As President of the AMA, Dr Owler led the campaign against the Liberals’ Medicare Freeze and GP Tax.
“As a doctor, a surgeon and a health advocate, I’ve dedicated my career to caring for people and serving the community.
“I’ve seen the pressure that’s been placed on hospitals and staff because of the Liberals’ funding cuts, and I’ve seen how undermining Medicare is bad for patients and for GPs,” Dr Owler said.
“I believe there is a critical choice at the next election over the future of health care in Australia. We can’t risk more Liberal cuts to health care. That’s why I’m putting my hand up.
“I want to pay tribute to our former candidate, Lyndal Howison. She is a formidable local campaigner with strong Labor values, and I’m pleased I’ll be able to rely on her support and advice during the campaign.
“I want to represent Labor in Bennelong because only a Shorten Labor Government will prioritise Medicare and local hospitals, and provide a positive vision for Australia.”
Labor Leader Bill Shorten welcomed Dr Owler to the Labor team.
“Labor believes it should be your Medicare card, not your credit card, that determines your access to health care in this country,” Mr Shorten said.
“Brian has spent his career fighting for quality, affordable health care, because he knows firsthand the difference it makes to people’s lives.
“Brian lives and breathes Medicare and he’ll be an outstanding addition to the party that created Medicare and defends it every day”.
Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Plibersek said a vote for Labor in Bennelong is a vote for better healthcare.
“The next election is a choice between protecting Medicare and hospitals, or more of the same Liberal cuts and chaos under Scott Morrison.
“The Liberals in Canberra have cut hospitals, frozen the Medicare rebate, and now they are outsourcing Medicare jobs to labour hire companies.
“Morrison and the Liberals will always attack Medicare. Bill Shorten and Labor will always protect it.”

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